A Tasting Tour of Italy: Southern Italy

Please join us in the community room at Lunds & Byerlys Ridgedale for a series of three classes on Italian wines, which will cover wines from Northern, Central and Southern Italy. 

Our final class will end with the wines of South Italy. We will travel with Stefano Follega, Italian Wine Specialist, through lands where the sun and the sea make the difference, and the wine is very soft and warm. Stefano will introduce us to sun-kissed wines from off the beaten path, and the foods that pair well with them. Of course, we will be sampling an Italian appetizer from Lunds & Byerlys. After the presentation, we will move to the Wines & Spirits store, where we will taste the wines that Stefano talked about.

Continuing with the second class in Central Italy to discover a mysterious wine called Sagrantino di Montefalco. Finishing with South Italy where the sun and the sea makes the difference and the wine is very soft and warm.

Attendees receive a $10.00 Lunds & Byerlys Gift Card.


Lunds & Byerlys


Apr. 13, 2017


6:00 - 7:30pm